An Italian painter Sergio Zen's paintings, in particular the lasts ones, develop a theme aiming at translating emotional states, psychic topography which hits you like magnetic storms, ut which rediscover an equilibrium in meditated compositions, evenly wighted, in the extension of the areas, in accents which are at times lyrical like the chants of a pure spirit to the moon or the firey sun.

"Night and day" (1993) in fact, presents an overlapping of colour variations, from pale to dark blue, to pale yellow ovhre, to an intense blue: surfaces streaked with a pulsating dynamism, even though generally in the diagonal, creating echoes of colours and contrastating tones which cause overflowing emotions, together until reaching a contained astonishment. The poetic situation here reveals itself in the actual 'feeling' of daytime at night, as in the magical light of the full moon, and in the shadow of a sunny summer morning. It is in the moment of transfer, of the transmigration of states and situations that Zen perceives the musicality of the spirit, and listens to all the inner happenings. He does not mean to fasten, or detain that which evelves in a moment of configuration, but to actually gather this moment in its making.

This is why the motion becomes important, the colour change, the lighting up, the incessant flow. If in "Arioso No. 5" (Airy) the blue colour theme is felt in the most inner depth, for thickening or rarefaction, or for slight chromatic variations with contrasting tendencies, then in "Calda terra" (1996) (Warm earth) we are presented with flushes of pale/dark blue and red with pale yellow ochre and orange: these are acts of strenght, impetuous voices which lean to the union of contraries. Calda terra It is however certain that all the manifestations of Zen's world is dedicated to the valuation of the colour phenomenon itself, and that his is an invitation to the reception and to the comprehension of that which is vital surrounding us and in his works of art; he teaches us to absorb the potentiality of the colour, almost as if they were transmittable forces, revitalising energies for "feeling" our authentic being.