Sergio Zen is born in Valdagno (Vicenza) in 1936, where he still works and live. He attended the "Libera Scuola d’Arti Figurative Marzotto" in Valdagno. He started painting at the end of the 50s.
In 1961 discovers a lirycal abstact style that, in the future, will bring him to be among the most accompished artists painters, in the most real way.
Zen finds in the purity of colors an intense musicality of the world of emotions which he is immersed in, ancd which he wants to return intact, incadescent, as live and pulsing matter.
He has been presented in over 50 personal exibitions, and in other important collective exibits, in Italy and abroad. We can remember, between the others, his presence in awards like the Prize “Joan Mir˛” in Barcellona, at the Italian Contemporary Graphical Museum Grafica, at the Puskin Museum in Moscow, at the Modern Art Museum of Rijeka, at the "Bienal Inter. Palacio de Cristal" in Madrid, at the Italian Art Team, the Higland Cultural Center in New York, at the exibit “SpazialitÓ cromatiche”, Olivieri,Verna, Zen, at the "Villa Municipale Corniani" in Carmignano di Brenta, Padova, at the "World Festival of Art on Paper" in Kranj, and “Generazioni Anni Trenta” at the Art Museum of the Italian generation in the 900 “G. Bargellini” in Pieve di Cento.